Take a stroll through my museum garden . . . the resultant artistry of my unplugged photo studio time.

As we flow through the seasons and cycles of life, we desire to reveal ourselves to the world in ways that reflect these inner shifts. As your personal hair and life stylist, my dedication to you is to shape, color, design and create a style that exudes the truth of your emotions in these phases and moments. 


All set design concepting, fashion and hair styling by Christine Goodis.
Photography by Anita Buzzy, Arvin Clay, Alex Jones and Becky Thurner Braddock.
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“Life strategy: create stuff that brings you bliss. Inject house music into all normal tasks for instant flight. Love people hard. Pet all the dogs. Remember to ground . . . think about just this step right here. Take it. Be exactly where you are. Repeat.”

–Victoria Erickson

“I don’t want life to imitate art, I want life to be art."

–Ernest Fischer

“Our first teacher is our own heart.”

–Cheyenne Indian saying

"Notice the smallest of joys. . . the tiny violet flower pushing its strength in the name of beauty, through the cracks of the sidewalks."

–Christine Goodis